Youth Formation

“Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you have a place at Epiphany.” 

This is the mission statement we proclaim as a parish, which fully include our youth ministry programs as well. Many youth are in constant search for acceptance and fitting in–in their schools, friendships, teams, families and even among total strangers. It is our hope and prayer that our youth know they belong and have a place at Epiphany.

At Epiphany, we value the importance of youth engagement in our parish life, building relationships with their brothers and sisters in Christ and creating a place where they are loved, valued, and known.

Our programs are intentionally designed to welcome and embrace youth at entry point, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Naomi Woodrum, Youth Formation Minister, at



The Well: Sundays, 6:00-8:00 PM

This is new and different for this school year! We are offering weekly youth group, The Well, to our middle school and high school youth. We will meet for dinner, devotions, small group discussions, games, and prayer.  We will combine middle school and high school for part of the night but will have separate small group time as well.

Location: Christie House

*The intent and focus for The Well is to offer a safe place where youth can openly talk about relevant issues and topics they are faced with while discovering how God is ever-present in each moment of their lives. 


6th & 7th Grade Formation Class: Sundays, 10-10:45 AM

This group will be using a new curriculum called 40 Instant Studies and will be working through the Old Testament and New Testament over two years. The curriculum is designed to bring true-to-life relevance to the Bible stories they are reading. Each week will be a new Bible story, new questions, and new passages to discover! This year, we’re diving into the Old Testament.

Location: Youth Room

*The focus and intent for this class is to build upon known stories and provide tools for youth to find real-life connection to the Bible. 


8th-12th Grade Confirmation: Sunday, 10-10:45 AM

This group is also using a new curriculum called Confirm Not Conform. Youth will learn about our church history, our Sacraments, The Book of Common Prayer, the Church Year, other faith beliefs, and much more. The lessons are tangible, relatable, and engaging. This class is for all 8th-12th grade students, including those who are planning to be confirmed next June.

Location: Christie House Library

*The focus and intent for this class is to help lay a foundation for youth to discover their faith, what they believe, and why. Our hope is these lessons will help equip youth to feel confident in their decision to be Confirmed. But, whether they seek Confirmation or not, this is a class where they can wrestle with doubt and gain a deeper understanding of their beliefs. 


Holy Land Pilgrimage

Every three years, high school youth and newly graduated 8th graders are invited to be part of  a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  It is usually a 10-day tour under the leadership of a local guide, and youth are responsible for covering their own trip expenses. Our next pilgrimage is scheduled for June 26-July 6, 2019.

*A pilgrimage is not a vacation or sightseeing trip. Its focus and intent is to offer youth a way to experience the life of Jesus by walking in his footsteps. It is an opportunity for enrichment and learning. Read about the 2015 Pilgrimage at Epiphany Youth Pilgrimage blog.


High School Mission Trips

On the years we do not have a Holy Land Pilgrimage, we will be doing summer mission trips. The destination will be decided in the fall (by the youth), and  participating youth will be expected to help with three fundraisers in the spring. These trips will usually be week-long experiences.

*The focus and intent of a mission trip is for youth to have an opportunity to serve God’s people and be a light to the world. These trips allow youth to grow in their leadership skills and challenges them to step outside of their every-day comforts.


Monthly Events

During the school year, we will offer activities and events for youth, separate from Youth Group and Sunday Formation. These events could be bowling, Christian concerts, retreats, sleepovers at church, service projects, etc.

*The purpose for having monthly events is to provide youth another avenue to connect and grow together.