Lenten Afternoon of Quiet

Date: Saturday, March 12
Time: Noon–5 pm
Location: Epiphany campus

Much of the Epiphany campus will be devoted to silence. We will have an orientation in the Fireside Room at the beginning, but feel free to come for any part or all of this experience. There will be:

+ Art supplies in the Fireside Room
+ Guided meditation with Pieter Drummond
+ Tea, coffee and snacks in the Fireside Room
+ Lunch buffet
+ Prayer exercises and art examples for inspiration
+ Evening Prayer at 4:30 pm

When we commit to a quiet time with God, the stress and busyness of regular life falls away. The deeper, more peaceful parts of ourselves emerge and in that stillness, we feel more in touch with the Divine. In Lent, quiet time is especially precious as we ponder the deeper meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice and shine light in our dark corners. It’s also wonderful to be in silence in community. By honoring each other’s response to the call to silence, a new connection often emerges.

Questions? Please contact Diana Bender. No need to register, just show up.