LIFE NOW…. in the Age of the Holy Spirit

Sunday | September 27 | 10:15 am | On Zoom
Doyt Conn

God is doing a new thing in the world, and as with any birth, there are labor pains.

Look around, we are in the birth canal!

At Epiphany, our response is to double down on the practice of Christianity. This Forum is important for you to attend. Doyt is going  to share with the entire parish our fall plans and why they are organized thus. Who we are and how we are as church matters very much in the world right now. Together we touch thousands, if not millions of lives. Our peace, joy, equanimity, and faithfulness has a cascading impact far beyond our imagination. God has organized it that way, and so let’s honor God’s intention through our common life as Christians. Join the Parish family on September 27 at 10:15 am  to hear how you can take your place as agents of the Holy Spirit. Email Ruth Anne Garcia at for the Zoom link.