Modern Physics and the New Cosmology

January 14 at 10 am in the Great Hall
Vladi Chaloupka, University of Washington

With both exuberance and humility, we will discuss how Physics is beginning to address issues previously thought to be in the exclusive domain of Philosophy and Theology. This will be illustrated on several specific topics such as the nature of the vacuum, the possibility of Creatio Ex Nihilo, or the life-giving role of extremely violent physical processes, and we will contemplate the awesome enormity of space and time.

Our examples will attempt to show that Physics can be a useful (perhaps even an indispensable) partner of Philosophy, Art and Theology in focusing our inner gaze on something higher, much higher than ourselves. And if there is time, we will not be able to resist mentioning the role of the “Amadeus phenomenon” of Johann Sebastian Bach[sic] in this worldview.