Thursday | Maundy Thursday Agape Meal

Thursday | April 18 | 6:30 pm | Great Hall

While the Maundy Thursday meal has sometimes been linked to a traditional Passover meal, it should be noted that, in the gospel of John this meal is said to have taken place before the Festival of the Passover and thus is not necessarily linked to it. What this meal is unquestionably linked to is Jesus’ self-sacrificing love and His call to us to love one another with the same charity and unconditional love that He modeled for us. This form of love is referred to with the Greek word, agape, which also came to refer to the early Christian feasts.

You are invited to join us this year for our Agape Meal to enjoy the love of God reflected in the love of this community. You are invited to bring Mediterranean fare, red wine, grape juice, or sparkling water to share. Please sign up online here or on the bulletin board in the Great Hall. If you have any questions, please contact The Reverend Ruth Anne Garcia at