Meditation Intensive with Pieter Drummond

Dates: Monday, March 14–Friday, March 18
Time: 7:15–8 am
Location: Church Chancel

Holy Week, if approached with clear intentions, can be life-changing. To prepare you for this process, we will be offering silent meditations for five consecutive mornings of the week before Holy Week. These meditations will guide you to explore the person you are and to set clear intentions leading to the person you will become. Be still and know.

About Guided Meditation

Is the “spiritual journey” obsolete in today’s world? Although we have instant access to the best information on raising our children, building relationships, and advancing our careers, ironically, stress is almost constant, and we still struggle to fully appreciate our time with ourselves and with those closest to us. To begin a spiritual journey is to begin a spiritual practice. Meditation is a practice that transforms not only our relationship with others but also our relationship with each moment of life.

After Holy Week, join us for weekly meditation on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:45–8:15 am and 8:30–9 am in the Chapel.

—Pieter Drummond