Epiphany Men’s Experiment – Towards a Life that Really Matters

Dates: Thursday, March 21 – April 25
Time: 6:00-7:00 pm
Location: Fireside Room
Facilitator: Fr. Peter Snow

We will have pizza from Pritty Boys in the Christie House Library. Please bring your favorite beverage and your Bible.

“John; someone suggested John. It could have been any of the other 56 or so books found in the library we call the Bible. John is an OK place to start. It raises lots of questions, but talks about how the Christian life works. I can supply focus and some program input, but what I would like is for us to put together an experiment to demonstrate the viability and usefulness of a discipline. After a few weeks of reflection and prayer, could we evaluate the effects on ourselves? Would we understand the components of such a program better? Above all, can we demonstrate the value of a dedicated life? Four weeks may be too short a time, but it may be long enough for us to prepare an appropriate program for the fall.”