Men’s Ministry Meeting This Thursday

Date: Thursday, July 19
Time: 6-7:30 pm
Location: Christie House Library
Host: Louis Sweeny

Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday for our monthly Men’s Group. There will be pizza (please bring a beverage if you so desire).

We will be looking at some work by Lester Brown (many awards) one of the most provocative scientist talking about a need to move to “plan B” because plan A, business as usual is unsustainable on many fronts. Surprising to me were the budget estimates he gives for changing the world, we’ll see if you all have the same reaction that I did. If you can, follow the link below and read the two sections, if you can read the whole section, great, if you can only look at the budget tables, just do that, I’ll bring copies to the discussion. The pdf file is big, so you may want to type the page number into the search box and navigate to it that way.

Top of page 211 (The Earth Restoration Budget)

Page 188 A Poverty Eradication Agenda and Budget

The Men’s Ministry is open to all men of the parish.  We meet monthly for drinks, dinner, and topical conversation based on anything from raising children, to war and peace, to science and religion, to climate change.