Monday Conversations Begin: Spiritual Direction

Mondays | By Appointment | Beginning September 28 | On Zoom
Linzi Stahlecker

We are being relentlessly assaulted by stressors right now; they make constant demands on our attention and they distract us and detach us from the grounding, indwelling presence of God, the ever-present, guiding wisdom of the Holy Spirit. In anticipation of the tumultuous weeks and months ahead we must find our footing, we must be assured, faithful leaders in the midst of the chaos and the unknowns, confident in the source of our strength, and steadied by the eternal changelessness of God. At times such as these it can be useful to receive spiritual guidance or direction – to prepare, to be ready, to call on the fullness of our relationship with God. Linzi, our seminarian, is available for just this kind of conversation. If this is something you’d be interested in learning more about, please reach out to Linzi at