Sacred Arts Program

Mondays | Beginning September 28 | 7:30 pm | On Zoom

Ruth Anne Garcia

Join us on Mondays for Epiphany’s Sacred Arts Ministry at 5:30 pm. We will focus on poetry by African American poets, writers, and essayists. We do so not to distinguish works based on the artificial construct of race, but in order to bring together the work of gifted writers who are often overlooked, unheard, or silenced in anthologies, poetry collections, or our larger cultural context.

With its unique ability to communicate what we find difficult to “speak” in conversation, we hope these poems will not only help us excavate new truths and ideas but also help us experience beauty and the sublime in new ways. Poets speak a truth that can only be sensed, and we are better for the listening. For more information and to receive the link please contact Ruth Anne at