Monthly Taizé Service

July 17 | 8 pm | Chapel –
Join this peaceful prayer service in the candle-lit Chapel. Taizé music is beautiful simple, repetitive chant sung as a prayer. We sing with the help of a piano and a cantor, say a few prayers and sit together in one long period of silence in the middle of the service. Some people sing and others just rest in the beauty of the experience.

Taizé music was developed by the monastic community of Taizé in southern France. Founded after WWII to pray for peace, the Taizé community is the only ecumenical monastery in the world which is authorized by both the Anglicans and the Roman Catholics. Along with this spirit of ecumenism, Epiphany is part of a group of churches in Seattle which is organizing to offer Taizé somewhere in Seattle every week. We are the 3rd Tuesday of every month!