Prayer & Meditation

The Habit of Daily Prayer

Prayer at Epiphany means an intimate conversation with God. Prayer is about relationship, and like with any relationship, it takes attending to. Our motto on prayer is same time, same place, same way, every day. It is the consistent commitment to our conversation with God that brings forth fruit over time. Same time, same place, same way, every day, is our way of encouraging people to make prayer a habit. Some prayer sessions will be rich and wonderful, and some will be full of mind-wandering garbage, but we maintain that the habit honors the lines of communication we hope to have with God. And when the day comes that we really need to talk to God the wheres, whens, and hows will not get in the way.

Prayer may be readings some scripture and then holding it in our heart in silence. It may be saying the Daily Office, and then holding it in our heart in silence. It may be gazing upon an icon in silence, or into the flame of a candle in silence. However prayer looks make silence a part of it. Prayer may change over time, but if the time changes, pick a new time. If the place changes, pick a new place. If the type of prayer changes, pick a new type. Stick with whatever the choice is, and do it every day, a new way, same time, same place, same way.

Some people say they pray all of the time. If that is you, terrific! And yet, still set aside time for God. Set aside time to intentionally give thanks, express petitions, wonder through issues, and just listen. We can be people that pray without ceasing, and yet, setting aside intentional time to be with God, not just when we want to, but when we told God we’d show up, says something about the mutuality of relationship we seek with God. After all, prayer is a two-way conversation. God shows up for us, and we show up for God.

At Epiphany we are a community committed to prayer.

New Technology for Daily Prayer

One of our parishioners developed an app called Marco Polo that a group of parishioners have been using to do daily prayers from Hour by Hour together. Check out the video to see how it works!

Guided Meditation

Wednesdays & Fridays, 7:45–8:15 am and/or 8:30–9 am, Chapel

Please contact Pieter Drummond for more information.

Epiphany offers guided meditation in the chapel twice weekly. This practice is open to everyone in the community, and advance registration is not required. This very simple form of meditation requires no special clothing or accessories. Just walk in, find a seat, and be open to encounter a new way of relating to all things.

Is the “spiritual journey” obsolete in today’s world? Although we have instant access to the best information on raising our children, building relationships, and advancing our careers, ironically, stress is almost constant, and we still struggle to fully appreciate our time with ourselves and with those closest to us. To begin a spiritual journey is to begin a spiritual practice. Meditation is a practice that transforms not only our relationship with others but also our relationship with each moment of life.

This form of meditation uses ordinary language to bring out the extraordinary. Drawing its inspiration from the Christian mystical tradition, the practice is appropriate for all points of one’s spiritual journey. Many participants are active Epiphany members, but anyone is welcome. Some participants who describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious” liken the practice of awareness and discovery to that found in other traditions, such as Taoism, Zen, and Vedanta.