Pre-Convention Sunday Forum

Date: October 26
Time: 9:15 am
Location: Great Hall

Join us for presentations and information from your Diocesan delegates.

One of the many ministries at Epiphany is strengthening our connection with the greater Episcopal church and with our sisters and brothers in our Diocese. Each year during the Annual Meeting in January, we elect a slate of delegates and alternates to represent Epiphany in the decision-making body of our regional church ministry. If you’ve been curious what these folks do, this is your chance to learn more! I would like to invite you to participate with us—your delegates—in preparing for the Diocesean Convention this November.

Here are your representatives to the Convention and the Diocese:

Delegates and Alternates: Aubin Barthold, Charissa Bradstreet, Marshall Corson, Richard Coyle, Mike Evans, Margot Hill, Linda Maxson, Tom Rhom, Lauren Riker, Bob Shupe, Susan Snyder, Trish Wallis Stone

Holy C Regional Ministry Leadership (Central/South Seattle):
Jamie Balducci, Lay Representative to Diocesean Council
Linda Maxson, Regional Co-Convener of Delegations

Outline for the +TEC Sunday Forum

Diocesan Overview
31,000 people in more than 100 churches
Organizational Structure

  • Parish/Mission
  • Regional Ministry
  • Diocese
  • Region (groups of diocese)
  • National Church
  • Connection to Anglican Communion

Region Structure in Episcopal Church of Western WA (ECWW)

  • Ten regions, Holy C, B-Attitudes etc.
  • Blaine to Vancouver, WA, to Cascades.

Diocese Strategic Goals

  • building strong communities of faith
  • stewards of all our resources
  • relationships with people under 35

Guiding principles for budget planning

Budget overview

  • Lions share of revenue is Assessment
  • Assessment rate is 17% Down from a high of 22%
  • Continuing reductions – 16% in 2016, planned 15% in 2017
  • Last year, changed to real time assessment.

How does Epiphany fit in?

  • one of the largest churches. Thriving and growing.
  • Assessment change is negative for Epiphany but significantly better for other congregations.
  • Opportunity to become a regional leader


  • Delegates
  • Resolutions
  • Nominations
  • Worship

Potential ideas for sparking conversation:

  • Regional Ministry – Geographic Proximity
  • People are involved
  • Generate Resolutions
  • Social Justice/Outreach coordination
  • Coordinated newsletters – “Across the Diocese”
  • Programming – +TEC curriculum, Youth Group…
  • Host regional meetings etc.