Haiti Micah Project

The Haiti Micah Project was founded in 2005 by Father Joseph Constant, an Episcopal priest, to rescue the poorest of poor children from the streets of Mirebalais, Haiti. The already daunting needs of this impoverished community were multiplied by the disastrous earthquake of 2010, which orphaned many more children and left many families broken and destitute.

With its local community partner, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Haiti Micah provides food, clean water, health care, education, vocational training and emotional well-being for children and families at-risk in the community. What started as an emergency feeding program for 200 children has grown to provide food and tuition assistance for more than 500.

In 2009 Haiti Micah established a residential center where 27 children receive 24-hour care by a loving staff of six adults, including an English tutor. The children, who attend St. Peter’s Episcopal School, thrive in their new environment. Many have significantly improved their academic skills and have dreams beyond high school.

As children grow up, they must have opportunities to earn a living wage and break the cycle of poverty. In response to this need, the Haiti Micah Project completed in 2015 the construction of a vocational training center for adolescents and young adults in Mirebalais. Training will initially focus on teaching sewing and carpentry skills.

The Haiti Micah Project is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation; 100% of donations to the vocational school project will be used for the facility.