Liturgical Ministries

Epiphany has many opportunities for parishioners to participate in serving the congregation during worship, thus engaging in Christ’s call to servant ministry.


Lectors are members of the congregation who participate in the reading of the lessons at the Sunday morning services and at other special services. A lector can be anyone high school age and older who can read in a clear manner that can be understood by the congregation, who has a desire to participate in this ministry, and who has the approval of the clergy.


A Eucharistic minister is a layperson authorized to administer the consecrated elements at a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Confirmed communicants 18 years and older and in good standing may be licensed by the diocese to serve as Eucharistic ministers. At Epiphany, they participate in leading the prayers of the people, carrying the cross in procession, bearing the Gospel, assisting at the altar, and serving communion. They serve at the Sunday morning services and at other special services during the year.

Being a Eucharistic minister is a rewarding experience. They work closely with the acolytes and the clergy to ensure that all parts of each service run smoothly and with dignity.


Licensed by the diocese, these lay people take communion directly from the service to parishioners who are shut in at home or are hospitalized, and who are unable to attend church.


worship ministry acolytesWhether participating in the 10:30 am Sunday worship service or in special festival services, our acolytes are always ready to serve with enthusiasm and dedication. Acolyting is open anyone in fifth grade or up. They assist our clergy in a variety of ways: bearing torches, carrying a processional cross, carrying the Gospel, and assisting during communion. Acolytes meet outside church for fellowship outings throughout the year.


Welcoming all who attend services, ushers also assist with the offertory and manage communion lines.


Members of the Altar Guild are primarily responsible for preparing the table for the celebration of Holy Eucharist. These parishioners work behind the scenes setting up for communion and taking care of the linens, the vessels, and all the other things used during our worship services. In addition, the beautiful flowers on our altar are prepared weekly by some members of the Altar Guild.

If you are interested in being trained to participate in any of these ministries, please contact Diane Carlisle.