Newcomer Series: Spiritual Practices

November 19 at 10 am in the Christie House Library
Rev. Doyt L. Conn, Jr.

The Christian religion is in flux. There is division and disagreement. There is anxiety and apprehension. Some argue the church has lost its way. At Epiphany, we maintain that the church is finding a new way, and out of this tension will come clarity. This new way is built upon the ancient practices of spiritual formation, where the unity of action overshadows the values of doctrine. They are applied against time and matter. The actions that manage time are daily prayer, weekly Sabbath, observance of liturgical patterns, and a life lived toward pilgrimage. The actions to manage matter are fasting and tithing. The practices are simple in concept and challenging in execution, and as witnessed to by our forbearers these ancient habits can change the world.

Over three weeks, we will examine the seven spiritual practices – prayer, worship, liturgy, Sabbath, pilgrimage, fasting and tithing. These are important practices to understand as they are core to the ethos of Epiphany Parish.