New and Improved Thanksgiving Drive 2015

October 23rd, 2015

For many years Epiphany Parish has rallied to donate turkeys, pies, potatoes, and all the ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner for families in YWCA housing who can’t always afford the extra expense of holidays. All 35 meals are accounted for! See below for donation instructions.



  1. There is a specific list of ingredients that every family gets to make their own meal. Click here to download the ingredients list. Your team is responsible for all the items on the list.
  2. Delivery day is November 22. You can either bring a completely assembled basket to church, or you can have your team members bring their individual ingredients and assemble your team basket in the Fireside Room.
  3. New This Year! We are asking that all Thanksgiving meal donations be assembled in family-sized laundry baskets. This way, delivery to the YWCA and delivery to their clients will be easier and won’t risk ingredient mix-ups, as has happened in the past on occasion. The obvious benefit of this to YWCA families is that they will get a laundry basket with their meal!


A New Process for 2015

Instead of gathering individual ingredients for Thanksgiving dinners, we are asking the parish to form teams to donate complete meals. You can gather your small group onto a team, do it as a family, join a team with a ministry team you’re involved in, or start recruiting the people sitting next to you in church! The staff, for example, is planning to donate two meals together this year.

Why are we doing it this way?

When we were a smaller congregation and our contributions to the YWCA were smaller, asking people to donate individual items that could be combined with other contributions and assembled into complete meal baskets made sense. As we have grown, however, the logistics of assembly and delivery have become quite complicated. We think the change to a team format will serve the YWCA better, facilitate camaraderie among our congregation, and make it more practical for our folks to manage this outreach.

What if I just want to give a turkey without a team?

Try and find a team to donate your turkey with. Ask the person sitting next to you in church if they need another team member. Talk to the parents in your child’s Sunday school classroom if they want to go in on this with you. There are lots of ways to attach yourself to a team and give what you can.

We are part of a grace-filled community that gives what it can. Our hope is that this will be a fun community-building activity that everyone can be involved in. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sherilyn Peterson with any questions.