The Epiphany Minyan: Transitions

An Interior Pilgrimage in Community

Convener: Diana Bender
Duration: 90 minutes every week for 6 weeks
Dates/Times: To be determined by participants
Location: To be determined

Is there a transition for you coming up or underway or just completed? Change is constant in modern society. Grounding change in our prayer and faith practices deepens our relationship with God and guides us in living according to our values and beliefs whatever life brings us.  Our spiritual journey will have many twists and turns as we move through a variety of phases and changes in our lives. This small group experience will be about exploring or traveling an interior pilgrimage together with others also undergoing change of a variety of sorts. Job change? Retirement? Graduate school? Marriage? Major loss?  Explore how God might be speaking to you as you encounter and manage change and transition.

Starting mid January, Diana Bender will convene a small group to journey in community through transition.  The group will meet for 90 minutes per week over the course of six weeks, using different approaches to prayer and exploring ways to engage faith in the midst of a variety of life change, large and small. Questions? Interested in joining the group? Contact Diana Bender.