The Hymns We Sing

Presenters:      Thomas Foster
Date:               Sunday, 4/29
Time:              9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.
Location:          Great Hall

The Hymnal 1982 is noted as one of the finest books of Christian poetry in print. Tom Foster, Epiphany’s Director of Music, share thoughts on a selection of hymnody from the last several centuries in an hour-long investigation. More than a hymn-sing, the session will demonstrate that our hymnal is our theology set to music. A hymn is a text, set to music when paired with a tune. The tunes themselves have stories; what’s in a tune name? What is metre? (poetry fans will know this!). In the meantime, keep a copy of The Hymnal 1982 on your bedside table; it’s great reading.