The Next 100 Years Q&A

June 2nd, 2013


The following represents the results of thoughtful consideration, review and discussions over the past 18 months. Valuing transparency and inclusion, additional questions will be answered in future versions of this document.

Question 1:  What is Epiphany embarking upon?
Answer:  A once-in-a-generation building campaign.

The Epiphany campus has been the heart of our religious community for over one hundred years.  We need to keep this “heart” healthy.  It’s now our turn to invest in our campus buildings and grounds to fulfill our mission today and for the next 100 years.


Question 2:  What is the scope of the building project?
Answer:  Parish Leadership has identified a series of renovations and upgrades to the existing campus:  (a) Chapel; (b) Church; (c) Parish Hall; and (d) Grounds.

This project will maintain the essential character of our campus while making some necessary repairs and renovations.  We will preserve and enhance the overall experience of our liturgy, music, teaching, and community building by upgrading our sacred places.  Please consult the Building Campaign Brochure for further details.


Question 3:  How much money is the Church seeking to raise?
Answer:  The campaign’s goal is 100% pledge participation from the 256 families within our congregation, rather than a set dollar amount.

The overall renovation project, which is divided into four components with separate budgets, can be scaled up or down based on the campaign funds raised.

Final project scope will be determined based on actual campaign pledges received as of January 5, 2014.  We believe, however, that we can fund the project’s full scope if we achieve 100% pledge participation.

We are a small, neighborhood church that gets our vitality from an active congregation.  Each family is essential to our Church, and we believe it is important for each family to pledge.  The donation amount per family will vary and should be tailored to individual financial resources.


Question 4:  How do I determine the amount of my pledge to the building campaign?  Is this contribution in addition to my annual pledge?
Answer: This significant pledge is worthy of prayerful consideration and discussion with your family. Yes, it is in addition to your annual pledge.

Consider what Epiphany means to you and what you have received through God’s blessings.  Campaign giving often comes out of assets, and can be described as “stop-and-think giving”. As you think about your family pledge, remember that this likely will be the largest donation Epiphany will request in your lifetime.  Pledges can be paid over a five-year period.


Question 5:  Are we putting any money into our endowment?
Answer: No.

Currently, Epiphany has a $4 Million endowment. Our Buildings and Grounds are also a form of an endowment, and we may actually spend less on upkeep once the planned renovations have been made. We will continue building our endowment through bequest gifts.


Question 6:  Shouldn’t we be giving our money for social action instead of bricks and mortar?
Answer: When we invest in the church, we are investing in social action, and Christian formation, and community building. This work requires a strong foundation (Matthew 7:24).

These are not merely projects aimed at necessary repairs and desired beautification. These are investments in the people and programs that will continue to share the good news and strengthen families, communities and the world.


Question 7:  Why is Epiphany taking on this building campaign now?
Answer:  Quite simply, it’s time.

It appears that God’s divine economy is at work.  The Church’s need for a generational refurbish and repair is happening at the same time that our longstanding leaders and stewards remain very engaged and our congregation is growing.

Epiphany’s growth during a period of general decline of traditional Christian denominations is all the more reason to make this investment.  Our focus on the liturgy, substantive theological engagement, and community is what people need.  When our journey causes us to realize this need, we are drawn to places like Epiphany.


Question 8:  How does this building project help us become better Christians?
Answer: It keeps Epiphany vibrant as the center of our worship and community.

Epiphany seeks to provide a campus for people in all aspects of their lives to move further on in their spiritual journey.  We envision our neighborhood church, in the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, as a “little seminary” where people gather with their community to discuss and consider God, as well as the impact of their lives on the world outside of Epiphany.

In an increasingly digital or virtual world, we believe that “place” is increasingly important for our community.  We want to provide a “home” that facilitates in-person engagement across our community for the next 100 years and beyond.

The building renovations are being designed and developed to serve Epiphany’s primary goals:  praise and thank God, fill people with the love of God, and equip people to carry God’s love out into the world.


Question 9:  What’s the timeline for the campaign?
Answer: Please Note the following Important Dates

Official fundraising kick off:  Sunday, June 2, 2013

Various gatherings in June, July and August please sign up for one!

Fall Homecoming and Parish Picnic – September 8, 2013

Fall Building Forums – all locations to be announced

October 6, 2013     
October 13, 2013
November 3, 2013
November 17, 2013
December 1, 2013

Fundraising closes:  Epiphany Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Breaking ground:  Summer 2014

Construction completed:  Late 2015


Question 10:  How can I find out more?
Answer:   This is a significant undertaking for us all.  There are multiple resources for you to ask questions, and we encourage you to engage with one or more of them.

Contact any Vestry or Committee Members.

Vestry members

Scott Davies, Cory Carlson, Mary Anne Howard, Laura Blackmore, Beth Clark, Robin Mondares, Clay Nielsen, Caroline Normann, Laura Rodde, Clyde Summerville, Davis Walker, Bill Wurts

Steering committee members

Furman Moseley, Anna White, Laura Blackmore, Cory Carlson, Doyt Conn, Molly Hanlon, Mary Anne Howard, Lex Lindsey, Linda Maxson, Tim Schmuckal

Building committee members

Ed Emerson, Laura Blackmore, Bob Barnes, John Nesholm

Key advisors

Gary Sundem, Thad Alston

Attend the Fall Campaign Forums.