The Pilgrim People of Epiphany Share their Experiences of 2019

Sunday | September 15 | 10:00 am | Great Hall

Join our returning pilgrims, two adult groups who walked St. Oswald’s way as well as youth who were in the Holy Land, as they share reflections on their journeys. Pilgrimage is one of the seven spiritual exercises practiced at Epiphany Parish. Over the past 10 years, we have sent over 100 adults and youth on pilgrimage.

The practice of pilgrimage breaks the regular routines of one’s life and gives the opportunity to set up patterns that call our hearts and souls into deeper relationship with God. This is a core part of who we are at Epiphany; we are a pilgrim people.  If you have been part of a pilgrimage, come share in a conversation. If you have yet to be on a pilgrimage, get ready, there’s more on the way!