March 25 at 10 am in the Great Hall –
Take a second to make a mental list of all those people who fall outside the Kingdom of God. Your list and your neighbors’ lists probably overlap on a few people, like Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Jeffery Dahmer. You probably also have some people particular to you, like a creepy uncle, a random rapist, or a foul ex-spouse. But here’s the thing, these people, on all of these lists have available to them salvation through the person of Jesus. Salvation is simple; it means full access for all to the Kingdom of God. The concept of salvation might not seem fair; why should people who choose to function outside the Kingdom of God be given the same access to the Kingdom of God as you or me? It is a good and a very human question that we cannot answer because we cannot shrink God’s world down to our perspective. All we know is that salvation comes from God, and God’s love is bigger than the bounds of God’s judgment. It is God’s love that gives each person the opportunity for salvation. Salvation expresses the reality that in the Kingdom of God all people are welcome at any time irrespective of who they are or what they have done.