Weekly Word for August 26, 2016

August 25th, 2016

Kicking Off Fall with Everybody Hour

A reflection by the Rev. Doyt L. Conn, Jr.

Dear Epiphany,

Welcome to the Everybody Hour. Starting on Sunday, September 11, at 10 am, we are beginning the Everybody Hour at Epiphany Parish. We have been waiting for this. Now that the campus has been completed and the service times set, we finally can carve out a time to eat together and study together. As you know, throughout the week we have a lot going on at the church: classes, small groups, music, and worship. But still, even in this secular city, Sunday morning is our best shot at gathering together as a community.

There is something for everyone at the Everybody Hour: Sunday School for children, youth formation classes, adult forums, and more! All the details can be found in this newsletter.

We created the Everybody Hour so the entire family could come to church at the same time to eat together and to study together and to worship together. Worship is critical to the spiritual formation of a person, and our children were getting too little exposure to it in our previous program. Now everyone will be encouraged to be in church. During the 11 am service, there will be a special, age-appropriate sermon offered for children in the Great Hall. For children still not ready to sit through any portion of the service, there will be childcare.

Now that education and worship no longer overlap, we hope to encourage more people to be teachers of our children and youth. This is a key way cross-demographic friendships develop, and it is how our children and youth make memories of faithful adults they will own for a lifetime.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am. It will be a great way for us to gather with one another and learn together. It will give us a chance to eat together on a regular basis and create new relationships, maybe even meeting people outside our demographic particularity. And ultimately, I pray, inspired by our study and buoyed by our new relationships, we will be agents of grace and impact in the world beyond the walls of Epiphany.

For you that most regularly frequent the 7:30 am or 5 pm services, consider marking your calendar for the first Sunday of the month to join the rest of the parish for brunch at 10 am. You’ll be delighted by the experience.
I look forward to seeing you on September 11 at 10 am at the Everybody Hour. Everything you ever wanted to know about what’s being offered is in this issue of the Monthly Message.


Adult Formation Schedule for This Fall

AdultFormationWith the Advent of Everybody Hour, there will more formation opportunities on Sunday mornings than just Adult Forums. We are adding secondary classes to Sunday mornings, as well as a new minyan on Tuesday evenings.

Forums: Sundays at 10 am in the Great Hall

Introduction to Fall Forums (September 11)
You won’t want to miss this Kick-Off Forum offering a variety of presenters previewing the richness this fall line-up has to offer. Come to hear more about The Divine Conspiracy, details around the Everybody Hour, and how we can all welcome children into the pews. Wondering about the Under Our Skin forums or the series on Faith in the Shadow of Grief? This is the time to find out more! If you would like to know what’s going on, then this is the forum for you!

Under Our Skin, Parts I & II (September 18 & 25)
In early summer, the Seattle Times launched a video project called, “Under Our Skin.” It features 18 people from Western Washington, including Bishop Greg Rickel, explaining what terms like “racism,” “microaggression” and “white privilege” mean to them. The project aims to deepen public discussion and understanding of race, a subject that recently has dominated headlines in coverage of police shootings, campus protests and the presidential race. Join members of your Epiphany community in this important conversation. To preview the project’s videos, visit the Seattle Times website.

The Holy Sepulchre: Christianity’s Holiest Place (October 9)
When Joseph of Arimathea offered his rock-cut tomb as a resting place for the body of Christ, he could hardly have foreseen that it would be occupied for only three days. In the centuries after the Resurrection, the tomb was never forgotten, and in the Fourth Century the mother of Emperor Constantine (St. Helena) arranged for a great church to be built at that location. Its complex of buildings also enclosed the nearby rock of Golgotha. After multiple destructions and reconstructions, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem remains perhaps the holiest shrine for Christian pilgrims, and its fascinating history is a metaphor for the theme of resurrection that began there almost two millennia ago. Doug Oles will share the highlights of this intriguing history.

The Spiritual Discipline of Pilgrimage (October 16)
Here at Epiphany, pilgrimage is one of the spiritual disciplines that we practice. Pilgrimage stands as a symbolic action of one’s deepest desire to live life in faithful pursuit of God. This forum led by George Moberly will invite sharing of the many and varied ways we adopt this discipline for our souls under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Christian Art Lecture (October 23)
Western artists portrayed the Madonna, the Annunciation, Christ and the Resurrection in countless different ways, emphasizing certain aspects which enhance and deepen our understanding of the biblical story. What methods and resources, formal and compositional techniques went into these masterpieces? Why are they so convincing? Bill Ingham, Northwest artist and Epiphany parishioner, citing El Greco’s Disrobing of Christ (1650), Piero della Francesca’s Resurrection (1410), and Simone Martini’s magnificent Annunciation (1330) shows how each artist carefully devised and created these timeless paintings which remain so astonishing and persuasive today.

Getting To Know American Muslims and their Faith, Islamic Speaker’s Bureau (October 30)
This presentation by the Islamic Speakers’ Bureau aims to help the audience understand the beliefs and practices of American Muslims. It covers the five pillars of Islam which summarize basic practices and foundational beliefs. It also touches upon Muslims around the globe, the diversity of American Muslims and women’s rights. The ultimate goal to provide an opportunity to ask questions and for those in attendance to learn about Islam as it is practiced by American Muslims.

Developing the Skill of Compassionate Listening (November 13)
Learn how to transform separation and conflict into an opportunity for connection, healing, and peace through the practice of Compassionate Listening, and what this practice means in the context of our lives as Episcopalians. This forum led by Thaddeus Gunn is the introduction to a continuing class beginning November 20.

Transfigured through Prayer: Contemplation and the Healing of the Self (November 20)
Irenaeus of Lyon said that “the glory of God is a human being fully alive.” What does that look like in practice, and how do we get there? In this forum, we’ll look at the journey from the false self to our truest self, and how contemplative prayer can be one of the ways the self is transformed, even transfigured, into something that would dazzle us if we could see ourselves as God does. Come to a forum facilitated by Susan Pitchford exploring the role of contemplative prayer in the transformation of our broken, false self to the true, glorified self that God created us to be.

Intergenerational Advent Workshop (November 27)
Welcome in the Season of the Advent and celebrate the start of the church year with an intergenerational Advent Workshop. We will begin with the interactive Godly Play story “The Circle of the Church Year” and then respond by making Advent wreaths to take home. Don’t miss this opportunity to create together!

Jesus, Parts I & II (December 11 & 18)
During this Advent season, the Rev. Doyt Conn tells the story of how Jesus came to be. Jesus did not come to start a religion but to show us the way to God. Understanding this is essential if you are a Christian and want to live fully into God’s will.

Classes: Various Times and Locations

Senior Minyan Resumes
Tuesday, September 13, at 7:15–8:15 am (Christie House Library)
This is a highly participatory course for those interested in engaging in a serious conversation about faith. The prerequisite for this course is a prior completion of The Divine Conspiracy Minyan. Contact Ben Bradstreet if you would like to participate.

NEW! Christian Worldviews Minyan
Tuesdays, September 13–November 29, 7–8:30 pm (Christie House Library)
Join us this fall in a small group studying the life of Jesus and the central role of the Kingdom of God in his teachings. We will work through N. T. Wright’s online course Simply Jesus. Please contact Steve Clemons or John Cary if you would like to join the group or have questions.

The Divine Conspiracy Minyan
Sundays, September 18–November 20, at 10 am (Christie House Library)
Dallas Willard’s book The Divine Conspiracy has significantly influenced teaching and preaching at Epiphany. Join in the study of this book to open your mind to the life and teaching of Jesus. To register for the class, email the Rev. Doyt Conn.

C.S. Lewis Minyan Resumes
Thursday, September 22 at 8:30–9:30 am (Christie House Library)
Discuss the works of theologian and author C.S. Lewis, as well as other “Inklings,” with our resident Lewis enthusiast Jonathan Roberts. We read a different book in each season. Contact Jonathan if you would like to participate.

Faith in the Shadow of Grief
Sundays, October 2–November 13, at 10 am (Garden Room)
The goal of this 7-week session is to support and guide you on the sacred and scary path of loss in an atmosphere of confidentiality and safety. Your leaders for this group are Meredith Nelson and Carmen Hoffman. If you would like to join us, please contact Carmen Hoffman.

Developing the Skill of Compassionate Listening
Sundays, November 20–December 18, at 10 am (Garden Room)
A continuation of the Adult Forum on November 13. Contact Thaddeus Gunn for more information.

Another Music Guild Event Added to the Calendar

Intimate Baroque
Sunday, September 25, at 6 pm (Chapel)
A concert of French baroque music featuring six of the most noted baroque performers in the Puget Sound area: sopranos Madeline Bersamina and Rebekah Gilmore; Ingrid Matthews, baroque violin; Janet See, baroque flute; Juliana Soltis, viola da gamba; and Jillon Stoppels Dupree, harpsichord.

Dupree will play a harpsichord donated to Epiphany Seattle by long-time parishioner Bill Hoppin in loving memory of his wife Bonnie.

Fall Kickoff Picnic!

Sunday, September 11, at 12:15 pm

Kickoff PicnicReconnect with old friends you haven’t seen all summer, and make some new friends as well! We’ll celebrate the return of fall with all the classics: a bouncy house, henna tattoos, and really good food from Kevin and Terresa Davis, owners of Blueacre Seafood. Don’t miss it!

Be on the lookout for food requests and addition details in the intervening weeks!

Parish Prayer List

Click here to download this week’s prayer list.

Sunday Lectionary Corner

August 28, 2016
Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Jeremiah 2:4–13
Psalm 81:1, 10–16
Hebrews 13:1–8, 15–16
Luke 14:1, 7–14

Upcoming Events in the Life of Epiphany

Click here to view the calendar on the website.

This Week at Epiphany

August 28: Backpack Assembly Day and Everybody Hour Q&A
Epiphany’s donations of backpacks and school supplies will be delivered to the YWCA on Monday, August 29, so the day before, children, youth, and other volunteers will fill each pack in the Upper Room between services at 10 am. At the same time, parents and others are invited to a Q&A in the Great Hall with Elizabeth Walker to discuss the upcoming Everybody Hour format for Sunday mornings.

Upcoming Events

September 5: Office Closed
In honor of Labor Day, the Parish Office will be closed.

September 8: Choir Rehearsals Resume
Youth choirs and the adult Epiphany Choir will start weekly rehearsals to prepare for worship during the year. CITs meet at 4 pm. Choristers meet at 5:30 pm. Epiphany Choir meets at 7:30 pm. Find more information here.

September 11: First Sunday of Everybody Hour!
By now you’ve probably heard about the new schedule for formation programs at Epiphany, beginning this fall. (If you haven’t, there is a banner in the Narthex.) At 10 am, between morning services, there will be formation offerings for all ages. Find more information at epiphanyseattle.org/everybody-hour.

September 11: Fall Kickoff Picnic
Come celebrate the return of fall programming and rhythms with our annual picnic. We’ll have henna artists, a bouncy house, and, as always, amazing food for everyone! Join the fun after the 11 am service!

September 11: Organ Dedication Recitals
Our new Pasi organ in the chapel is ready to share its magic with our parish and the world. Carole Terry, Epiphany’s artist-in-residence and a professor of organ at University of Washington, will offer two performances of the same recital at 3 pm and 6 pm on the chapel organ to show us what it can do. Note: the 5 pm service will take place in the church that day.

September 18: First Music Guild Members’ Meeting
The mission of the Music Guild is to be one of the primary community outreach initiatives of the parish with a consistent program of top quality, soul-refreshing music. To accomplish that mission, the executive committee is focused on including others at Epiphany in the efforts. You are invited to the first members’ meeting immediately after the 11 am service in the Christie House Library in order to ask questions and assess your interest in becoming a Music Guild member. Contact Kent Mueller with questions.

Community Events

September 2–5: Retreat on the Meaning of Pilgrimage
The Rev. Jim Friedrich is a writer, photographer, and Episcopal priest who hiked the Camino de Santiago in 2014 and will be facilitating a retreat on Labor Day Weekend at St. Andrew’s House on the topic of the meaning of pilgrimage. More information here.

September 22: Fundraising Breakfast for Recovery Café
You are invited to an Education of the Heart, Friend and Fundraising event for Recovery Café, a refuge of healing and transformation for people traumatized by homelessness, addiction, and other mental health challenges. Learn more about their work on September 22 at 7:30 am at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. More information here.