Weekly Word for January 26, 2018

January 26th, 2018

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In the Kingdom of God

Dear Epiphany,

This will be my tenth year as your Rector, and still, at least for me, it feels like I just arrived. When I walk on the campus every day, my soul is filled with excitement about what the Holy Spirit is doing here. We are fertile ground, this parish of ours. Over the past ten years we have turned and tilled the soil, added nutrients, planted and harvested, and reinvested the stocks back into the dirt. Thank you for your partnership in the revitalization of this little corner in the Kingdom of God.

To write about the changes that have taken place at Epiphany would rumble into a twenty-page run-on sentence that begins with “In the Kingdom of God relationship is primary,” and ends with “Wherever you are on your spiritual journey you have a place at Epiphany.” In between there would be a successful campus renovation, the founding of a preschool, the doubling of services, and the tripling of attendance and budget, small groups galore, pilgrimages, prayers, retreats, camping trips, pet blessings, Christmas Caroling, The Saint John’s Bible, an intern and a curate, VBC, the Everybody Hour, the Music Guild, super successful Have A Heart outreach events over and over again, meditation, and a ton more… But if you were to roll it all up into one idea it would be: Thank you God! The abundance at Epiphany reflects Jesus’ promise to us in the Gospel of John: “I have come so that you may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

And here’s the thing, this Holy Spirit-driven gift has only been realized because YOU have taken the corks off the vessel that is your hearts and made yourselves available to God. And that looks like Joy and Good News and Invitation and Hospitality. As I look out toward my next ten years at Epiphany, I see us sharing more and more of what we have been given. And here is a Kingdom of God truth: the more we share, the more we have to share. It is a beautiful ascent, or as the pilgrims walking up to Jerusalem sang: “Then they said among the nations, ‘The Lord has done great things for them.’ The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad indeed.” (Ps 126:3-4)

Let me give you some specifics because the Kingdom of God is always about the particular steps taken. One step revolves around the development of the Theological Round Tables. We are seeking to create a type of theological engagement that we can invite non-Christian, non-church goers, who are intellectually curious about God, to participate in. This is not an evangelical bait-and-switch, rather an attempt to further locate Epiphany as a safe place to have meaningful conversations about the big human questions that every person wrestles with.

Another step is to continue to locate Epiphany as a place where people can come to hear sacred music in a sacred space. Evensong will most certainly be highlighted here, and we will continue to invite local and international artists to share their art as well. Tucked into music as outreach is our Chorister’s program. Under the new music director we hope to expand our children’s music department to include both the opportunity for children who are currently in our program to worship God through music, and we are exploring how we can invite neighborhood children into a more significant after-school music program.

Finally, over the next ten years, I see us doubling down on the spiritual exercises. Prayer, pilgrimage, and worship will remain core, as exercises like fasting, lectio and visio divina, labyrinth walking, silence, solitude, iconography, meditation, discernment (to name a few) gain more traction. Small groups will remain our foundation and the Everybody Hour our primary gathering time.

All of this happens though the Holy Spirit, but only because so, so many of you let yourselves be conduits of God’s grace. The leadership and ministry ownership of people at Epiphany is, pound for pound, as robust as any church around. God has plans for Madrona and Seattle, and we are a little part of them. Keep the faith. Keep worshiping God. Keep sitting in the abundance. Keep inviting others to experience the Joy. Pray, pray, pray, and begin each of those prayers with “Thank you, God!”



Annual Meeting
January 28 at 10 am in the Great Hall

Every year on the last Sunday of January, we gather as a parish to affirm new leaders and representatives of our parish. The Nominating Committee will present nominations for the Vestry, convention delegates, alternates, and the nominating committee. As a parish we will vote on their installation. The Annual Meeting also includes “state of the parish” information from our Rector Doyt and the Vestry.

Meet The Vestry Nominees

Brooke Bascom Brooke Bascom joined the Epiphany community in 2011 with her husband, Wellesley Chapman, and daughters Zoë (13) and Elliott (11). Brooke has been involved with the small group ministry and Sunday School. Wellesley has been active on the Vestry, as a lay preacher, and as a Eucharistic Minister. Zoë is active in Choristers and both girls are involved in Sunday School and serve as acolytes. Brooke was raised in the Episcopal church in St. Louis, Missouri, and, after working in Washington, DC, and St. Louis, moved to Seattle with Wellesley. Brooke’s background is in public affairs, and she currently works for King County as the Employee Engagement Manager.

sherilyn peterson Sherilyn Peterson joined Epiphany with her husband, Rich Coyle, just after they were married in January 1986 in the Chapel. Their children attended Epiphany Parish and attended Epiphany School where Sherilyn previously served as a trustee. She has served on the Vestry previously and has been a long-time member of Altar Guild. Sherilyn serves on the Epiphany Parish/Epiphany School Campus Committee and was on the original joint committee that negotiated resolutions to numerous real estate and occupancy issues with the School in the early 2000s. When her children were young, Sherilyn taught Sunday School. She has also served as a lector and an usher. For more years than she can remember, she has headed up holiday drives for YWCA shelter families-Halloween items, Thanksgiving baskets, and Christmas Adopt-A-Family. She and Rich participated in the 2016 Epiphany pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Sherilyn graduated with a B.A. and J.D. from Northwestern University and is a (semi-retired) partner at Perkins Coie LLP.

Coleman Greene Coleman Greene joined the Epiphany community shortly after relocating to Seattle from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in June 2015. Coleman and his wife, Courtney, have four (!) kids: Caroline and Mac (6), Elizabeth (4), and Tucker (under age 1). Coleman grew up in the Episcopal church in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, participating in the youth ministry and serving as a mighty acolyte. He has worked in financial services and healthcare over the past ten years, most recently as founder of a digital health company. Coleman got his BS from Vanderbilt University and MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Phil Carter Phil Carter, along with his wife Jennie, began attending Epiphany Church in 1995. They have three children, all baptized here at Epiphany: Christina (21) and Lindsay (19) currently attend college, and Tyler (15) who is in high school. Phil was baptized in the Methodist church in southeast Texas. He has over the years taught Sunday School and been a lector, and he currently serves as an usher and participates as a host for the men’s Operation Nightwatch program. Phil is a graduate of the UW and is currently a managing principal for Wells Fargo Advisors FN in Seattle. He has also served in the past as a board trustee at Epiphany School and on the Epiphany Parish/Epiphany School Campus Committee.

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This Sunday
Onyx Chamber Players Presents Onyx Classics
January 28 at 6:15 pm in the Chapel

Laurie Wells, violin
Meg Brennand, cello
David White, piano
Haydn Piano Trio in D major XV: 24
Beethoven Piano Trio in Bb major, op. 97 “Archduke”

Laurie Wells Meg Brennand David White

This performance is made possible by the generous financial support of the Epiphany Seattle Music Guild. As a result, this concert is presented without charge.

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Top Ten Things to Do When Valentine’s Day falls on Ash Wednesday

1. Celebrate with a romantic Valentine’s dinner the week before Lent begins.
2. Celebrate with a romantic Valentine’s dinner when Lent ends.
3. Or, celebrate with a romantic Valentine’s dinner any Sunday during the season of Lent (yes, Sundays are always feast days even during Lent).
4. Consider sharing all the money you save by not dining out on Valentine’s Day with the poor. Almsgiving is a traditional practice in Lent.
5. Have NO reservations about coming and enjoying A LOT of pancakes on Mardi Gras-they don’t call it Fat Tuesday for nothing.
6. Enjoy your piece of King Cake on Mardi Gras. Why should Meghan Markle be the only one dreaming of the chance to be a royal this year? Your Valentine could be King or Queen for the day.
7. Come to Ash Wednesday services and begin a Holy Lent INSTEAD of cleaning or dusting your home. “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”
8. Take time to learn about St. Valentine and sign up for Lent Madness to learn about other saints and have fun too! (www.lentmadness.org)
9. Feel free to share all your love and compassion with your friends and family. It’s free. It’s always appropriate. And it’s one thing you are encouraged to do MORE of during Lent.
10. Practice prayer. It not only gives you something to do when you want to eat chocolate; it also helps build up your relationship with God!

I wish you a blessed Lent!

Ruth Anne +

Women’ of Epiphany News

The Women’s Retreat Group is hosting the Sunday Brunch on Febraury 4. Looking forward to bagels, cream cheese, lox, onions, etc; and sweet breads, eggs and more! Gluten free available

We wanted you to know about us and how we support each other in caring for our souls! Our first Saturday of the month retreats (9 to 11 am) are a safe place where we gather and read the Forward Day by Day and explore Bible readings for the day and share our stories. All women of the parish are welcome to come and enjoy the relaxed time of fellowship.

The first Saturday in November we have a longer morning (9 am to 1 pm) at Epiphany with speakers to focus our experience together and ending with lunch. Last year we explored meditation with Peter Drummond, Labyrinths with Ann Lockhart and Visio Divina with Carmen Hoffman.

Looking forward we want to invite you to our Spring Weekend Retreat at St. Andrews House on Hood Canal. You don’t have to come on first Saturdays to come on the weekend retreat! This year the dates at St. Andrews are April 20 to 22, and we will study religious icons with local artist/author, Mary E. Green. She has two books: Eyes to See and Holy Sightings. Most recently, the Alter Guild gifted Rev. Kate Wesch with two of Mary Green’s icons. We are inviting Rev. Ruth Anne Garcia and Rev. Kate Wesch to be with us in April to St. Andrews, if their schedules permit. Make time for yourself and come be in the beauty of hood Canal with us! You will be glad you did.

Karen Forbes, Convener
Nancy Traina, Retreat Planner

Can you help at Have a Heart, Sunday, February 11?

HaH WW Color Invite
Have a Heart planners would love to have your help. We’ll be doing some food prep, set up, and decorating the Saturday afternoon before the event. Sunday afternoon will have more of the same. We are also looking for people to work during the event (tending bar and staffing the pay stations) and to help with cleanup afterward. If you can offer your time and talent or have any questions, please contact Ann Beck (anncbeck@hotmail.com) or Holly Boone (brausboone@msn.com). Thank you!


Theology Roundtables

Epiphany is a place of gathering and conversation, where belonging takes precedence and relationships are primary – relationships between individuals, among people, and between people and God. Epiphany is a spiritual oasis of Christian hospitality dedicated to supporting all people wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

Starting February 11, a new series of roundtables on key theology topics will be presented at the Everybody Hour in the Great Hall.

At these Theology Roundtables, the table is set for conversation, not conversion. The goal is to explore key topics that define us as Christians in a setting that is comfortable, open, and sharing. Doyt will frame the topic, but then you will have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the topic with others at your table.

The topics presented in February are:

February 11The Heavens and Earth. “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.” This is the first line in the Bible, and it begins a journey from creation in a garden and ends at a city on a hill. This is about living in God’s kingdom.

February 18Relationship and the Trinity. Christianity, uniquely within monotheistic religions, claims a three-in-one God where the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit function as a Trinity of being, while maintaining individual identities. This is a really big idea that is hard to conceptualize, but with a little unpacking, the Trinity is really all about relationships.

February 25The Nature of the Person. Dallas Willard divides the human into five distinct parts: the heart, the mind, the body, the neighbor (our social interactions), and the soul. The spiritual journey we talk about at Epiphany is a process that aligns these parts with God’s divine intention for our lives.

The table is set, and there is a place for you along with your friends. Please join us at Epiphany Theology Roundtables starting February 11. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me (clesteve@gmail.com or 206 355 1269).


Pancakes and Ash Wednesday are coming!

Mardi Gras Pancake Supper – February 13, 5:30-7:30 pm Great Hall
On Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, enjoy some pancakes and bacon before Lent.

Ash Wednesday – February 14 at 8 am in the Chapel or 7:30 pm in the Church (with full choir)
Children’s Service & Imposition of Ashes at 5 pm in the Great Hall

“Remember you are dust, and to dust you will return.”

Join us for a Holy Eucharist service followed by the opportunity to participate in the Reconciliation of a Penitent (private confession) with one of our priests.

Watch us live on Facebook every Sunday at 11 am.
See what’s happening at Epiphany!
Share with friends.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/Epiphany-Parish-Seattle-78089657557/.

Epiphany Vacation Bible Camp
July 9-13, 2018 from 1-4 pm

Registration information coming soon!


Fourth Sunday After Epiphany
Deuteronomy 18:15-20
1 Corinthians 8:1-13
Mark 1:21-28
Psalm 111

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