Weekly Word for January 5, 2018

January 5th, 2018

A Note From the Holy Land

Dear Epiphany,

Sometimes on pilgrimage a moment of convergence sets upon a group. It happened for us this morning in St. George’s Chapel, Jerusalem as we read Hour by Hour morning prayer. Bailey was leading us. The scripture we used was Luke 2:8-20, the visitation of angels to shepherds in the fields outside of Bethlehem. We prayed for you all at Epiphany, as we do every day. When we finished saying the Office in that cold, stone chapel I collected our song sheets and moved to the back of the room, positioning myself by the door. No one else moved; not a muscle. A deep silence came upon us. Perfect stillness set in. It was as if we were wrapped in an afghan blanket. All sound beyond the walls was muffled and then blocked out. And then I caught a glimpse of what was happening.

It came as a vision before my eyes: the silence of profound prayer rooted each person to the chair in which they sat, as each soul bound beyond themselves, loosed to dance as one in the presence of God. What I witnessed, of course, is the promise of every liturgy, and on this day, I can say the promised was fulfilled. We were galvanized by grace as a group of people on the pilgrimage way.

Thanks be to God.


Old church 4
Morning prayer in the 4th oldest church in the world.

Sea of Gaililee
Sea of Galilee

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Please join us for a Festival Eucharist as we celebrate together the
Feast of the Epiphany on Saturday, January 6 at 7:30 pm in the Church

Epiphany falls 12 days after Christmas Day on January 6 and is a very important date in the Christian calendar. Christians use to celebrate Christmas for 12 days straight and it marks the end of the festive season.

The ancient Christian feast day is significant as it is a celebration of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and is also regarded as a more general celebration of his birth. The 12th night (Epiphany) also marks a visit to the baby Jesus from the three kings (three Wise Men). Epiphany has been celebrated in Europe since the 4th century and is associated with the visit of the Wise Men to Jesus.

We need your help for the reception.

Our current needs include:
10 bottles of red wine
12 desserts (should feed about 12)
10 fruit platters
2 people to help set up (beginning at 6.45pm)
2 people to help clean up (beginning at 9pm)

Please email the Parish Office or call 206-324-2573 or reply to this email to let us know what you would like to bring. And thank you to those who have already signed up!

Be sure to join us for this joyous time of celebration!



Thank You.

First Sunday Brunch
January 7 at 10 am in the Great Hall

On the first Sunday of every month, join us in the Great Hall for brunch during Everybody Hour at 10 am. Our parish may be spread across four different celebrations of Eucharist on any given Sunday, but this brunch is meant to be your opportunity to catch up with everybody. Marsha Crockett’s Small Group will be hosting the brunch.


Baptism of Our Lord at Epiphany
January 7 at 11 am

As Episcopalians, we have set aside four Sundays in the year that are especially appropriate for baptisms. This Sunday, we will be Baptizing three young children. The next opportunity for baptism will be at the Easter Vigil (March 31). If you are interested in baptism for yourself or your child, please contact Ruth Anne Garcia at rgarcia@epiphanyseattle.

Kate Wesch Says Thank You!

Dear Epiphany,

Thank you. Thank you for your continued and ongoing support of me and my ministry. You were invited to A Celebration of Ministry at St. John the Baptist in West Seattle on December 19 and you came! You packed the pews, wore the festival color of red, and sang with all your might. The combined St. John’s and Epiphany choirs sounded magnificent. Doyt and Todd’s participation in the service made it all the more special. But by far, the most incredible sight was all of your smiling faces mixed in and among my new congregation. Thank you.

I am humbled and grateful for the unexpected gifts which arrived as well. The Epiphany Altar Guild surprised me with two gorgeous icons written by local iconographer, The Rev. Mary Green. Both of them are superb representations of women comprising both the Trinity and a unique depiction of Mary.

The day after the Celebration, in the midst of our staff meeting, who should appear but Alice Gautsch Foreman herself. Alice came bearing gifts of exquisite vestments in both purple and white. The highlight of these chausible/stole sets is definitely the way in which the white set perfectly matches the laudian cloth on the altar. They couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you, Alice!

While my family and I miss Epiphany very much, we are flourishing in this new call. I thank each and every one of you for your presence, your notes of support, and your ongoing generosity.

Blessings to you this Epiphany season,

Kate +

Celebrating at St. John’s the Baptist


Annual Meeting
January 28 at 10 am in the Great Hall

Every year on the last Sunday of January, we gather as a parish to affirm new leaders and representatives of our parish. The Nominating Committee will present nominations for the Vestry, convention delegates, alternates, and the nominating committee. As a parish we will vote on their installation. The Annual Meeting also includes “state of the parish” information from our Rector Doyt and the Vestry.

Meet The Vestry Nominees

Brooke Bascom Brooke Bascom joined the Epiphany community in 2011 with her husband, Wellesley Chapman, and daughters Zoë (13) and Elliott (11). Brooke has been involved with the small group ministry and Sunday School. Wellesley has been active on the Vestry, as a lay preacher, and as a Eucharistic Minister. Zoë is active in Choristers and both girls are involved in Sunday School and serve as acolytes. Brooke was raised in the Episcopal church in St. Louis, Missouri, and, after working in Washington, DC, and St. Louis, moved to Seattle with Wellesley. Brooke’s background is in public affairs, and she currently works for King County as the Employee Engagement Manager.

sherilyn peterson Sherilyn Peterson joined Epiphany with her husband, Rich Coyle, just after they were married in January 1986 in the Chapel. Their children attended Epiphany Parish and attended Epiphany School where Sherilyn previously served as a trustee. She has served on the Vestry previously and has been a long-time member of Altar Guild. Sherilyn serves on the Epiphany Parish/Epiphany School Campus Committee and was on the original joint committee that negotiated resolutions to numerous real estate and occupancy issues with the School in the early 2000s. When her children were young, Sherilyn taught Sunday School. She has also served as a lector and an usher. For more years than she can remember, she has headed up holiday drives for YWCA shelter families-Halloween items, Thanksgiving baskets, and Christmas Adopt-A-Family. She and Rich participated in the 2016 Epiphany pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Sherilyn graduated with a B.A. and J.D. from Northwestern University and is a (semi-retired) partner at Perkins Coie LLP.

Coleman Greene Coleman Greene joined the Epiphany community shortly after relocating to Seattle from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in June 2015. Coleman and his wife, Courtney, have four (!) kids: Caroline and Mac (6), Elizabeth (4), and Tucker (under age 1). Coleman grew up in the Episcopal church in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, participating in the youth ministry and serving as a mighty acolyte. He has worked in financial services and healthcare over the past ten years, most recently as founder of a digital health company. Coleman got his BS from Vanderbilt University and MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Phil Carter Phil Carter, along with his wife Jennie, began attending Epiphany Church in 1995. They have three children, all baptized here at Epiphany: Christina (21) and Lindsay (19) currently attend college, and Tyler (15) who is in high school. Phil was baptized in the Methodist church in southeast Texas. He has over the years taught Sunday School and been a lector, and he currently serves as an usher and participates as a host for the men’s Operation Nightwatch program. Phil is a graduate of the UW and is currently a managing principal for Wells Fargo Advisors FN in Seattle. He has also served in the past as a board trustee at Epiphany School and on the Epiphany Parish/Epiphany School Campus Committee.

Kids and Race, Part 2: Power and Privilege
Saturday January 13, 2018 9 am to 12 pm Epiphany Parish

This follow-up to Kids and Race: Changing the Narrative teaches adults how to recognize and address the misuse of power and privilege in children. This workshop empowers educators and parents to give voice to children of color without tokenizing a child who often just wants to fit in.

Purchase Tickets @ https://epiphanyknr2.bpt.me Enter Discount Code: EPMember and click “Show Available Tickets”

Click here to download flyer.

Choral Evensong
Commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 14 at 5 pm in the Chapel

Sung by the Epiphany Schola
Followed by a reception in the Fireside Room.


Have A Heart
February 11, 2018
Color Save Date Final

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Planning Your Transition to Eternal Life

Dear Epiphany Family,

Have you made plans for when you transition to eternal life? It is not a typical conversation topic, however good planning will make it so much easier on your heirs and you’ll feel much better.

The Diocese of Olympia has a great February 17, 2018 opportunity.

Read more below and get this on your calendar:
Event: Where there’s a will there’s a way (End of life planning workshop)
Venue: Trinity Episcopal Church Seattle (parking validated)
Date: February 17, 2018
Time: Check in at 9 then 9:30- 2:30
Register at: where-theres-a-will-theres-a-way.eventbrite.com

Chantal and I went to an end-of-life half-day workshop sponsored by the diocese last year. We were a group of about 40 and found the material extremely helpful. The workshop gave us practical information about many things including health-care directives (ensuring your loved ones know your wishes should you become unable to make your own health care decisions). There was a palliative/hospice nurse there to talk about end-of-life planning, and someone else to talk about wills and legacy giving. There were opportunities to interact with others and ask questions of professionals. Since our wills were over 15 years old, we ended up reworking them and now feel those documents will endure without much if any future adjustments.

The work shop is a will, end-of-life, and legacy-giving workshop. If you don’t have a will, or it needs updating (do take the time to review your will if you haven’t recently), I can highly recommend this event at Seattle’s Trinity Episcopal church. It’s a prime opportunity to advance your estate planning and also to think about legacy giving. A will ensures your guardianship wishes are documented for your minor children.

Do yourself a favor and spend time on this now. This is a great opportunity to get your head around important decisions and take first steps, or new steps, toward documenting your wishes.

The event is a bargain at $20/person, which covers coffee, resources, and lunch. You will be glad if you go as it will either confirm that you’ve done all you can or have a bit of work to do to get your affairs in order. And don’t think that if you’re young you shouldn’t do this. You owe it to your minor children to take the necessary steps to provide for them should the need arise.

If you have any questions about this please contact me, or any member of the legacy giving committee (Cory Carlson, Caroline Normann, or Gary Sundem). Do yourself and your heirs a favor and consider attending this workshop.


Pete Melin

First Sunday after the Epiphany
Genesis 1:1-5
Acts 19:1-7
Mark 1:4-11
Psalm 29

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