Weekly Word for November 10, 2017

November 10th, 2017

Dr. Rowan Williams to Preach at Epiphany Parish
November 12 at the 8:45 and 11 am Services


Former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams will preach at Epiphany on Sunday, November 12, at both the 8:45 am and 11 am services. This is a most unusual opportunity to hear and meet an amazing pastor, scholar, teacher, and author. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the office that symbolizes the unity of the entire Anglican Communion – all those churches, like the Episcopal Church – that trace their heritage back to the Church of England and the English Reformation. Currently serving as Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, Dr. Williams also sits as a life peer in the British Parliament’s House of Lords. It is a great honor for us to host Dr. Williams and hear him preach. We expect a full house, so be here early!


Dear Epiphany,

And so we have had another mass murder in America. It is rather hard to know what to say. I believe that those killed are loved by God. I believe that they were loved by God. I believe that they are in the presence of God. I believe they had been in the presence of God. And I don’t believe this is the last time I will be writing an article to you about a mass murder in America. These mass murders are not, as a root cause, about mental illness. Nor are they about racial division; or even about our country being more inherently violent than other countries. We have more mass murders because we have more access to more efficient killing tools. Some of you may read this as Doyt making a political statement. But I hope not. This is about human freedom, and this is about community choice.

I teach a lot about the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of humanity, so I hope what I am about to write is familiar to you. The human kingdom is where God withdraws God’s preference in favor of our freedom. God loves us, and God knows that there is no real, reciprocal love without choice. Our freedom venues include the individual heart, the space between two people in relationship, and community. It is not God’s preference that people should kill people. We have some pretty good Bible teaching on that, and yet, God allows us to decide how to treat others.

Let’s talk about guns for a minute. I understand hunting. When I was a factory general manager in Twinsburg, OH we had to shut down the plant on opening day of deer season. People ate what they killed. Hunting for food is a real thing, and there is nothing wrong with that. Target shooting is great fun, as is shooting skeet. And hunting fowl can be an interesting way of touching nature, dancing with dogs, and testing ones marksmanship. My grandfather who was a farmer had a gun, and he considered it a tool. He used it to kill vermin that threatened his chickens. There may even be a case for keeping a rifle in your house for protection if you live in an isolated place. Nothing like the sound of the pump of a 12 gauge to make an intruder think twice.

But the gun support in America that facilitates mass murder isn’t about hunting, sporting, guarding, or protecting. It is about fear. Fear of losing my stuff. Fear in the human heart. Fear of the other guy, the bad guy. Fear that pollutes relationship. Fear of being told what to do by the government. Fear in community. Fear. Freely we have chosen to let fear seep in, then sink into the places of freedom God has left open to our choice. Until we decide to take back this real estate and to seek to live first for God’s preference in our hearts, in our relationships, in our community, then we will continue to have mass murder in America.

The corollary to fear is love.

As with you, I have been unable to avoid the reality of this mass murder at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX. I read an article this morning that quoted, Dan Hodges, a British journalist who wrote two years ago that: “In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once Americans decided killing children was bearable, it was over.” He may be right, but I hope he is not. I believe that we can change the culture of fear in this country. There are many ways to do this. In fact, I am quite sure that you know much better than I the path. But, as I said in my sermon Sunday: “Remember to focus first your hope on God, and then let the power of love cascading in your wake be the force that changes hearts, relationships, and community.”

This is your Beloved Reformation.

Peace upon your souls.



Benjamin Britten Canticles
November 12 at 6:15 pm in the Church

Zach Finkelstein, Tenor – Joseph Adam, Piano
Tyler Morse, Countertenor – Gabriel Lewis-OConnor, Baritone
Naomi Kato, Harp – Jonathan Karschney, Horn


The Epiphany Seattle Music Guild Concert Series in November is perhaps the pinnacle of our fall concert events this season. We have, without question, bared witness to enormous talents on the piano, organ, violin, voice, and our very own Epiphany Schola.

On Sunday evening, November 12, We encourage each and every one of you to prepare your hearts and minds (and calendars) for an evening of transformative music offered by some of Seattle’s finest musicians, including our very own Tyler Morse.

A reception will follow in the Great Hall.

This performance is made possible by the generous financial support of the Epiphany Seattle Music Guild. As a result, this concert is presented without charge.

Image 11-2-17 at 3.01 PM

Thank you Epiphany!

YWCA Shelter Kids thank you for making their Halloween brighter! Epiphany parishioners donated 65 pumpkins and lots of carving sets and candy. Way to go Epiphany!


YWCA Thanksgiving bounty 2017

thanksgiving food drive

More YWCA Family Thanksgiving Meal Baskets Needed

We have committed to provide at least 35 families in YWCA shelter housing with the makings for a Thanksgiving meal. Thank you so much to all who have volunteered! We still need more baskets. The list of items needed is below. Meals need to be delivered in large laundry baskets to the Parish Hall on Sunday, November 19 before the 11 am service.

If you haven’t signed up yet and can provide a meal, please contact Sherilyn Peterson at speterson@perkinscoie.com.

Basket Contents List
1 LARGE laundry basket to fit all the contents below
1 Turkey (10 -12 lbs.)(UNCOOKED AND FROZEN)
1 foil roasting pan for the turkey
1 5 lb. bag potatoes
1 large can of yams
1 pkg. prepared stuffing
1 lb. butter
1 pie (sweet potato, pumpkin or apple)—FRESH ONLY please, not frozen
1 pkg. dinner rolls
1 large can green beans
1 pkg. instant turkey gravy
1 small pkg. flour
1 small pkg. sugar
1 package mixed salad greens
1 bag mini marshmallows
1 bottle oil (medium size)
1 bottle salad dressing
1 bottle sparkling cider
1 can whipped cream
1 set salt and pepper

Thank you.

dead 2

Remembering Our Departed Loved Ones in November

During the month of November, it is the custom at Epiphany to give members of our community the opportunity to remember and honor family members and friends who have died. This year we will be commemorating our departed loved ones with:

Altar of Remembrance
Beginning November 1 there will be an Altar of Remembrance in the Chapel until Sunday, November 26. You are invited to bring a photo of your departed loved one for the altar. Make sure you put your name on the back so it can be returned.

The Book of Remembrance
The Book of Remembrance will be kept near the Altar of Remembrance in the Chapel during the month of November. You are invited to write the names of your departed loved ones in this book. Our clergy will remember them in their prayers.


Get Creative!
Block Printing Christmas Card Workshop
Wednesday Evenings form 6 to 7 pm in the Christie House Library
Workshop Dates are 15 & 28

Make your own Christmas cards this season using linoleum or wood block and the card stock of your choice. You’ll need the basic block printing tools, such as a cutter, tips, and ink roller. Together we will draw and trace our images onto the blocks, cut the images and print. Contact Amy Tullis at communications@epiphanyseattle.org¬†for information and registration.

welcome mat r

Come to the Newcomers’ Event
November 19 at 6 pm at Doyt’s House

If you’re relatively new to Epiphany and would like to spend some time getting to know our rector and other leaders of the parish, join us for a reception at Doyt’s house after the evening service. Beverages and appetizers will be available. Please RSVP Todd Foster at todd@epiphanyseattle.org.


Thanksgiving Day Eucharist

November 23 at 9 am in the Chapel
Begin your Thanksgiving Day by giving thanks to God for all God has done for you.

Third Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
4 pm in the Great Hall

Are you dreading all the work of cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner? Thinking of not even going to the trouble to celebrate Thanksgiving? Planning to turn on the TV and watch a football game that you don’t even care about? Then consider instead joining your Epiphany family on Thanksgiving Day in the Great Hall for dinner at 4 pm with all the trimmings! Terry Carlisle will be cooking the turkeys. Bring a dish to share and perhaps a game to play. Feel free to come as early as 3 pm to finish pre- paring your dish, play games, or just hang out.

Please contact Diane Carlisle in the Parish Office at verger@epiphanyseattle.org to let us know how many people are coming, and what you will be bringing to the potluck.

at andrews 2

Annual Epiphany Men’s Retreat

Who: All men of Epiphany (and friends!)
What: Feed your soul with good company, good food, reflection and spiritual nurture
When: Friday through Sunday, November 17-19
Where: St. Andrew’s House (about a 2-hour trip if you take the ferry)
How: RSVP by making payment of $225 online, via text message (with payment code “MR”) , or by bringing a check to the church office with “Men’s Retreat” in the memo. Scholarships are available.

This retreat starts as a relaxing get-away, builds through an engaging discussion on Saturday, and becomes a great party on Saturday night. Our speaker this year will be basing our program on the Parable of the Prodigal Son with additional ideas drawn from Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward and a talk by Rohr entitled Discharging the Loyal Soldier. (You don’t have to read these materials ahead of time.)

Scholarships are available: contact Todd or Doyt to arrange one. Money should not be a barrier preventing anyone from attending the retreat! This is a popular event and fills up quickly.

RSVP today!

Twenty Third Sunday after Pentecost
Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25
Psalm 78:1-7
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Matthew 25:1-13

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