Weekly Word for October 28, 2016

October 28th, 2016

If You Want Something, Ask Nicely

Dear Epiphany,

Our Epiphany Parish origin story is pretty simple. One Sunday last fall, the Bascomb family walked ten minutes from our house in Madrona, remarkably without climbing a single hill, and stepped into the Great Hall where services were being held at the time. We were new to Seattle, and newer still to the neighborhood, and we were on the hunt for a church. An hour later, we knew we had found the one for us. If there is such a thing as “church on first sight,” Epiphany was it for us. Everything from the happy-to-have-you-here welcome, to the meaningful sermon, to the superb music, to the warm sense of community, drew us into its embrace. Proximity didn’t hurt either.

A little about us: In spring 2015, we were living in Philadelphia. I had my roster of coffee shops to write my books, and Diane a fine job at a big publishing company. Our daughters Charlotte (10) and Julia (8) went to a wonderful school a few minutes’ walk away. We all had a nice circle of friends, and as a family, we attended Christ Church in the city’s historic district. As a bonus, we often sat in the same pew where George Washington prayed. That all said, we were looking for a new adventure. We thought of moving to London where we had just spent the summer, but then the siren call of Amazon came for Diane, and we made the leap to Seattle.

We are still settling into our new city, but we couldn’t be more pleased to have found a home here at Epiphany. We may have been struck on first sight, but our feeling toward the parish has deepened on so many levels. Diane loves singing in the choir. I serve as an usher. We both joined small groups. Charlotte and Julia enjoy Sunday School in a way they never have before, and their spiritual growth is palpable now. As each week passes, our sense of belonging within Epiphany strengthens.

None of this happens by accident. Doyt and Kate provide tremendous leadership, and the broader community within the church strive tirelessly to provide a rich array of opportunities to be involved—and connect further with God. Important as well, there is a faithful commitment to stewardship at Epiphany that makes so much possible.

Diane and I often tell our girls that “If you want something, you need to ask—and nicely.” We are asking you now—please—to make a financial pledge to Epiphany like we have. A monthly commitment, no matter how big or small, will help continue the mission that Doyt states every Sunday, “Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you have a place at Epiphany.”

With best wishes,
Neal (Diane, Charlotte, & Julia) Bascomb

Things to Consider During Stewardship Season

In an effort to give Epiphany more information on what happens in the life of this dynamic parish, during stewardship season (between now and November 20), we will be publishing charts, graphs, and slides in the Weekly Work and Monthly Message. It is our hope to better educate the parish on the impact and industry of this neighborhood church in sharing the reality of the Kingdom of God. If you have any questions about what you read or see, please contact me.





Staff Transitions

In the month of November, the Epiphany staff marks two staff transitions in the communications role. We celebrate more than two years of faithful service from our outgoing Communications Manager, Judy Naegeli, and welcome our newest staff member, Amy Tullis.

As many of you may know, Judy has been doing this work while attending Seattle Pacific University in pursuit of her Master of Divinity degree. She has graduated and is now looking forward to figuring out what will be her next adventure. Please join me in thanking Judy for her good work and wishing her well in all future endeavors.

Amy Tullis is a longtime Seattle resident living just up the way in Leschi. With over 20 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional and graphic designer, we feel confident that it will be a smooth transition and we are in capable hands. Amy is excited to join the Epiphany community and is particularly looking forward to working with a church after a number of years in the world of retail. Please introduce yourself to Amy when you are around Christie House during the week and be patient with all of us during this time of transition.


Legacy Giving to Epiphany, Part 2

“I came that you might have life—and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

I am blessed with a wonderful life, a wonderful community, and so many wonderful opportunities. My life—and I hope your life—is truly abundant. And one day it will come to its earthly end. It is a bummer that life as we know it ends, but surely there can be a celebration of a life well-lived.

One way we can celebrate a life well-lived is by leaving a bequest, a gift to this parish in our wills. It does not matter how big or small; size is not what matters!

Epiphany has formed a Legacy Committee to encourage consideration of bequests to this church, and to be of assistance in helping people make bequests. I like to think of a bequest as a pledge in perpetuity. It furthers our mission as an outpost in the Kingdom of God. It could be helpful in adding additional clergy or other staff, assisting in affordable housing for senior staff, expanding outreach to the broader community, funding more educational opportunities, or even things we have yet to dream about. We are limited only by God’s imagination, and our energy and resources. Bequests really have impact.

Please consider a gift to Epiphany through the Epiphany Legacy Society. Look for upcoming articles from our Legacy Committee in future Weekly Words. We will be having an information session at an upcoming forum as well. A dinner program is also being considered. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Remember, wherever you are in your spiritual and temporal journey, you will ALWAYS have a place at Epiphany.

—Cory Carlson

The 2016 Thanksgiving Drive Is Here!

Every year Epiphany parishioners come together to donate turkeys, pies, potatoes and all the other ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner to families in YWCA housing who can’t afford the extra expense of holidays. Will you help us provide 35 Thanksgiving dinners?

Signing Up

  1. Sign up your family, your small group, or another team for at least one meal.
  2. Decide how many complete meals you can donate.
  3. Email Sherilyn Peterson with your team name and contact information and how many meals you will provide—hopefully by November 10.


FAQ: What If I Just Want to Give a Turkey Without a Team?

Because of the difficult logistics and timing, we cannot take partial basket ingredients. Try to find a team to donate your turkey with the other ingredients. Ask your friends, fellow parishioners, or the person sitting next to you in church. See if the parents in your Sunday School classroom or small group will join with you to form a team. There are lots of ways to attach yourself to a team and give what you can.

Our hope is that this will be a rewarding community-building activity for everyone at Epiphany while providing a desperately needed service to our community. It is a wonderful teaching experience for all children to learn about community service and the importance of contributing what we can to those in need. Consider making this a family event and including your children/grandchildren in the shopping and/or delivery.


Donation Instructions

  1. Click here to download the list of Thanksgiving dinner ingredients. Your team is responsible for all items on the list.
  2. With your team devise a plan for who will bring what and when and where you will assemble it.
  3. Assemble it all in a large family-sized laundry basket. This makes delivery to the YWCA easier for our volunteers and ensures that meals do not get mixed up. It also provides YWCA families with a laundry basket!
  4. Delivery Day is November 20. Please bring your completed basket to the Parish Hall before the 11 am service. Have someone from your team responsible for getting the basket where it needs to go and ensuring that all the contents are present. We have a very narrow window for delivery to the YWCA so we need everything to be ready on time.

Please contact Sherilyn Peterson with any questions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Parish Prayer List

Click here to download this week’s prayer list.

Sunday Lectionary Corner

October 30, 2016
Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Habakkuk 1:1–4; 2:1–4
Psalm 119:137–144
2 Thessalonians 1:1–4, 11–12
Luke 19:1–10

Upcoming Events in the Life of Epiphany

Click here to view the calendar on the website.

This Week at Epiphany

October 29: YWCA Apartment Beautification
When families living in the YWCA’s transitional housing find their permanent homes, the vacated apartments often need some TLC. On the last Saturday of the month, a crew from Epiphany gives their assignment a good scrub, stocks it with basic supplies, and leaves it looking a bit more like home for the next family. To find out how you can get involved, contact Ann Beck.

October 30: Special Presentation – Books and Bricks in Kenya
Tom Holford will deliver an informative presentation at noon in the Great Hall about his recent mission trip to Mulundi and Kitui, Kenya, working with Books & Bricks, a ministry supplying scholarships, school supplies, and school rooms to children who would not otherwise be in school.

October 30: Adult Forum – American Muslims and Their Faith
This presentation by the Islamic Speakers Bureau aims to help people understand the beliefs and practices of American Muslims. It touches upon Muslims around the globe, the diversity of American Muslims, and women’s rights. The ultimate goal to provide an opportunity to ask questions and for those in attendance to learn about Islam as it is practiced by Americans. Join us at 10 am in the Great Hall.

Upcoming Events

November 5: Annual Half-Day Women’s Retreat
All women are invited to join us for a half-day retreat on Saturday, November 5, at 9 am–1 pm. Artist Souheir Rawlings will lead us in a discussion of sacred geometry and “Praying in Color.” Cost for the day is $20. Find more information here.

November 5: Commemoration of All Faithful Departed Souls
We will be commemorating all faithful departed souls with a service of Holy Eucharist in the Chapel on Saturday, November 5, at 8 pm. The service will be candlelit and heavily punctuated with incense, full of mystery and beauty. The reading of the necrology will happen at this service.

November 6: First Sunday Brunch
On the first Sunday of every month, instead of going to forums and classes we join together during Everybody Hour to have brunch and check-in with other parishioners who attend different services. This month’s brunch is being hosted by one of our men’s small groups. There will be a designated table to discuss the book Whistling Vivaldi for anyone who has been reading it or is interested in the subject matter.

November 8: Election Day Quiet Day
To pray for the well-being of our nation and to remind ourselves that Jesus is still Lord of the Universe, we are setting aside the chapel for prayer and meditation all day on election day. Find more information and a schedule of activities on our website.

November 13: Adult Forum – Developing the Skill of Compassionate Listening
Join Thaddeus Gunn for an introduction to the practice of compassionate listening, the art of transforming separation and conflict into an opportunity for connection, healing, and peace. This forum will lead into a five-week secondary class on compassionate listening beginning November 20 in the Garden Room during Everybody Hour. Find more information on our website.

November 13: Epiphany Christmas Pageant Information Session
The Epiphany Christmas Pageant will be on Christmas Eve at 4 pm. All children and youth are welcome and needed! We will all work during Everybody Hour and beyond in December to create sets, make costumes, and practice songs and spoken parts. If your older child (ages 4th grade and up) is interested in a speaking or leadership role, please come to an information session on Sunday, November 13, after the 11 am service in the Upper Room. Let Laura Sargent know if you can make it, or if your youth would be interested in meeting at another time.

November 13: Music Guild – Evensong with Epiphany Schola
This service of Choral Evensong, performed by a small group of singers from Epiphany Choir at 5 pm in the chapel, honors Henry Purcell, the pinnacle of England’s musicians in the 17th century, and three of his contemporary colleagues.

November 20: Chris Aquavella: Solo Classical Mandolin Masterpieces
Join us for a special concert of solo classical mandolin from 18th-century composers to contemporary masterpieces, performed by Chris Aquavella. The mandolin has a captivating and haunting quality which will resonate beautifully in the intimate setting of the Epiphany Chapel.

Community Events

October 26: Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and the Common Good with Miroslav Volf
What is forgiveness and how do it an reconciliation inform the world we share with 7 billion others, many of whom do not share our culture or religion? How do we learn to embrace rather than reject difference? What roles do religion play in how we negotiate life together? Miroslav Volf will discuss these and other questions at Seattle Pacific University (Gwinn Commons) at 7 pm on October 26. Volf is the Founder and Director of Yale Center for Faith and Culture and Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology at Yale University Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. Buy tickets here for $15.

November 5: Madrona Community Council Wine Tasting Fundraiser
The Madrona Community Council collaborates with Leschi Market on this annual fundraiser. Leschi Market assembles vinters and representatives, and on the night of the event you taste and many, many wines that are sold at a discount. Just leave your completed order at the exit, and when your order is ready, Leschi Market will call you for pick up. Click here to get your tickets.