Epiphany is an Episcopal Church in the city of Seattle, situated in the Madrona Denny-Blaine neighborhood. One hundred years ago Epiphany was built to be a spiritual center of gravity for this community, but over time it has grown to become a neighborhood church for the whole city. Epiphany is a spiritual oasis, if you will, of Christian hospitality that supports people on their spiritual journeys, wherever that may be.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey,
you have a place at Epiphany.

How goes it with your soul? This was how Christians greeted one another long, long ago. The health and wholeness of the soul was of the utmost importance between friends. The soul was commonly understood as that part of us that holds everything together—the metaphysical glue of a person, if you will. The possibility for our soul is that we become that which God imagined we could be even before our birth. Our hope is that Epiphany is a place where people gather to know and magnify their souls.

Worship is our first priority at Epiphany. We have four services on Sundays, and a short evening prayer service every Wednesday at 5:30 pm.

However you have found your way to Epiphany, we hope to get to know you better and have the opportunity to invite you into community. As the first step to connecting, you can subscribe to our e-newsletter, find out about upcoming events, or request prayer.

Folks at Epiphany love to get together, whether it’s for worship or a party! Join a small group, attend a retreat, or find out about special liturgical services throughout the year. You can also find out more about youth group for students in grades 6-12.

Education and spiritual formation is highly valued at Epiphany, and all parishioners are encouraged to continue on the spiritual journey through opportunities like Sunday School for children, Sunday Adult Forums, Bible studies, or series classes.

Outside of Eucharist services on Sundays, parishioners are encouraged to participate in the spiritual practices of daily prayer and meditation, weekly Sabbath, fasting, giving, seasonal liturgy, pilgrimage, and serving.

There are myriad ways to give of your time and energy for the benefit of the parish, the community, and the world. Read scripture in church, pray for others, volunteer with one of our local outreach partners, or help other parishioners raise awareness of justice issues.

Giving is another spiritual practice that this community participates in as an outpouring of gratitude to God. Learn how to give online or pledge support for the upcoming year.