Epiphany Parish
1805 38th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122-3447

Phone: (206) 324-2573
Fax: (206) 357-9312

Notice anything that needs attention around the Epiphany campus?


Doyt Conn Rector
Ruth Anne Garcia Senior Associate Priest
Zachary Hemenway Director of Music
Wyatt Smith Associate Director of Music
Diane Carlisle Parish Administrator
Chinn Eap Business Manager / Accounting
Amanda Eap Hospitality and Security Coordinator
Gieth Phou Sexton
Elizabeth Walker Formation and Christian Education
Laura Sargent Youth Formation


Beau Gould Chancellor
Holly Boone Senior Warden
Barbara Evans Clerk of the Vestry
Lynn Frink Human Resources Coordinator
Ed Emerson Treasurer
Peter Snow Assisting Priest
Diana Bender Discernment



Ann Beck YWCA Cleanup & Teen Feed
 Diana Benda  Discerment
Eileen Riley &
Mike Evans
Service & Outreach
Sue Cary Altar Guild
Diane Carlisle Acolytes, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers
Karen Forbes Women’s Retreats
Mike Simmons Ushers
Todd Foster Men’s Retreat
Pieter Drummond Meditation
Robin Mondares Pastoral Care, Education for Ministry (EfM)
Jamie Balducci Diocesan Delegates
Trish Stone All Threads Together
Ben Bradstreet Senior Minyan
Terry Carlisle Operation Nightwatch
Wellesley Chapman Acolyte Master
Steve Clemons Adult Formation
Masha Crockett Small Groups
Alice Foreman-Gautsch Flower Ministry
Courtney Greene Meals Ministry
Amy Griffin Eucharistic Visitors
Kent Mueller Music Guild
Laurel Nesholm Art Guild
Alex Polson Magazine Minstry
Jonathan Roberts C.S. Lewis Minyan
Nancy Traina Women of Epiphany – Retreats
Davis Walker Men of Epiphany – Retreats