Ministry Leaders

Ann Beck- YWCA Cleanup & Teen Feed

Diana Bender- Discernment

Ben Bradstreet- Senior Minyan

Terry Carlisle- Operation Nightwatch

Wellesley Chapman- Acolyte Master

Sally Clarke- Altar Guild

Marsha Crockett- Small Groups

Susannah Dhamdhere- Meals Ministry

Pieter Drummond- Meditation

Margie Einstein- Revenue Oversight

Mike Evans- Service & Outreach

Karen Forbes- Women of Epiphany

Alice Foreman- Flower Ministry

Amy Griffin- Eucharistic Visitors

Monte Hoover- Men’s Retreat

Julie Moberly- The Sant John’s Bible

Robin Mondares- Pastoral Care

Kent Mueller- Music Guild

Laurel Nesholm- Art Guild

Alex Polson- Magazine Ministry

Eileen Riley- Service & Outreach

Jonathan Roberts- C.S. Lewis Minyan

Mark Rossow- Camping Ministry

Mike Simmons- Ushers

Bob Shupe- Magazine Ministry

Trish Stone- All Threads Together

Nancy Traina- Women of Epiphany- Retreats