Parish Leadership


The Vestry is elected by the parish membership to provide lay leadership in the administration and finances of the parish. There are normally twelve members of the Vestry, led by a Senior Warden and Junior Warden. The Senior Warden is named by the Rector, while the Junior Warden is elected by the Vestry itself. The term of Vestry service is three years.

Class of 2020

Kari Glover’s first introduction to Epiphany Parish came in 1979, when my husband Thad Alston and I inquired about having our wedding at Epiphany. Thad was a long-time Episcopalian. I previously was confirmed in the Presbyterian Church. Neither of us knew much about Epiphany, but we knew Thad’s mother would be very happy that we were marrying in a beautiful Episcopal Church. Beginning a few years after our marriage, we became faithful parishioners at Epiphany, raising our daughters Samantha and Eva (I was confirmed with Eva, our younger daughter) here and participating in numerous ways. Thad served on the vestry years ago. After retiring in 2009 from a law career of over 30 years, I attended and completed the EFM classes, assisted with the adult education program on Sundays, traveled on two pilgrimages, and deepened my relationship with the Epiphany community in numerous other ways. My Christian faith, and my connection to Epiphany Parish, have become of primary importance to me. I bring much experience serving on boards. I am honored to be nominated to serve on this vestry.

Tamara Lamb was on a training run in the spring of 2013 when I ran past Epiphany. As I went past, something stirred my spirit, and I decided I should attend service the following day – I am still here. Confirmed as an Episcopalian this past June, I have found my perfect fit at Epiphany I serve on the Altar Guild, and am a Lector, Sacristan, and Usher. I participate in a small group; the monthly women’s retreats and am in my second year of Education for Ministry. In addition to this, I am becoming an Oblate with the Monastery of St. Gertrude and will become a novice in March 2017. Non-profit work has always been a passion of mine and after working for both the Army and Navy; I was able to return to my first love and am now working at Child Care Resources supporting providers at both center-based and family run programs to provide quality care to children birth to five.

Jim MacLean and wife Anne, with our three children first came to Epiphany Church in the early 1970s. We recall fondly those early days with the wonderful ministry and focused attention to the spiritual growth of our three children. I participated in the choir, and Anne and I were grateful to the Parish community for the spiritual leadership of the clergy. Anne and I returned to Epiphany in 2010 and again feel blessed to be part of the Epiphany community. We are particularly appreciative of the pastoral staff for their spiritual leadership in assisting us in our individual spiritual growth. The wonderful worship services with meaningful sermon messages that are configured around scripture accompanied by magnificent music presentations represent the core purpose. In addition, the educational environment that has been created continues to be very rewarding. We have now completed a successful campaign to ensure that the physical Church facility remains vibrant for the next 100 years. This operating plan and long range strategy is very exciting to be a part of, and Anne and I feel blessed to involved.

Brad Neary joined Epiphany Parish the minute I and my family (Suzette and Moira) landed on Seattle soil in August 2013. I was a hardcore Roman Catholic for my first 40 years (baptism, first communion, confirmation, altar boy, Mass guitarist and 16 years of nun-and-monk-driven education!) and was received into the Episcopal Church in May 2000. I instantly felt “at home” at Epiphany and has been privileged to sing in the choir (for a short time) and co-chair last year’s stewardship campaign. Meeting bimonthly with the fellow members of my men’s group is a joy. I earned my master’s degree in industrial relations and spent over 20 years in corporate human resources. Since 2008, I have been employed by his undergraduate alma mater, Saint John’s University (MN), and currently hold two half-time roles: Senior Development Officer and Director of The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program.

Class of 2021

Sherilyn Peterson, Senior Warden, joined Epiphany with her husband, Rich Coyle, just after they were married in January 1986 in the Chapel. Their children attended Epiphany Parish and attended Epiphany School where Sherilyn previously served as a trustee. She has served on the Vestry before and has been a long-time member of Altar Guild. Sherilyn serves on the Epiphany Parish/Epiphany School Campus Committee and was on the original joint committee that negotiated resolution to numerous real estate and occupancy issues with the School in the early 2000s. When her children were young, Sherilyn taught Sunday School. She has also served as a lector and an usher. For more years than she can remember, she has headed up holiday drives for YWCA shelter families—Halloween items, Thanksgiving baskets, and Christmas Adopt-A-Family. She and Rich participated in the 2016 Epiphany pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Sherilyn graduated with a B.A. and J.D. from Northwestern University and is a (semi-retired) partner at Perkins Coie LLP.

Brooke Bascom joined the Epiphany community in 2011 with her husband, Wellesley Chapman, and daughters Zoë (13) and Elliott (11). Brooke has been involved with the small group ministry and Sunday School. Wellesley has been active on the vestry, as a lay preacher, and as a Eucharistic Minister. Zoë is active in Choristers and both girls are involved in Sunday School and serve as acolytes. Brooke was raised in the Episcopal church in St. Louis, Missouri, and, after working in Washington, DC, and St. Louis, moved to Seattle with Wellesley. Brooke’s background is in public affairs, and she currently works for King County as the Employee Engagement Manager.

Scott Hitch and his wife Julia began attending Epiphany in 2013. Their two children, Caroline and Louisa, were baptized at Epiphany in 2014 and they now happily attend Sunday school and especially loved being angels in this year’s pageant.  Scott is a native Washingtonian. After 12 years living elsewhere (including 10 in Scottsdale, Arizona), he returned to Seattle and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Scott has worked at Microsoft for nearly 20 years, currently working on Azure, helping Microsoft customers run their business in the cloud. At Epiphany he is an active member of his small group where he has found lifelong friends and meaningful relationships.

Phil Carter, along with his wife Jennie, began attending Epiphany Church in 1995. They have three children, all baptized here at Epiphany: Christina (21) and Lindsay (19) currently attend college, and Tyler (15) who is in high school. Phil was baptized in the Methodist church in southeast Texas. He has over the years taught Sunday School and been a lector, and he
currently serves as an usher and participates as a host for the men’s Operation Nightwatch program. Phil is a graduate of the UW and is currently a managing principal for Wells Fargo Advisors FN in Seattle. He has also served in the past as a board trustee at Epiphany School and on the Epiphany Parish/Epiphany School Campus Committee.

Class of 2022

Andrea King, along with her husband Dwayne, and children Lucas (17) and Ainsley (15), began attending Epiphany Church in 2008. Andrea was baptized in the Lutheran church in Munich, Germany. Dwayne, Lucas and Ainsley were all baptized at Epiphany. Lucas and Ainsley both attended Epiphany School. Andrea has been a member of the Epiphany Choir since 2011. She has been a board member of TINFA, a Seattle non-profit providing technology and teacher training to schools in Guatemala.  She is a graduate of Cornell University (BA) and Golden Gate University (MA) and is currently vice president of the Swedish Medical Center Foundation. She and her family live in Magnolia.

Doug Marshall and his wife Barb began attending Epiphany in 2015 upon returning to Seattle after five years in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have two children (Anne, 32, and Chris, 34) who were raised in Laurelhurst, where the family attended University Presbyterian Church (UPC). Doug attended UPC starting in college, and over that time he taught Sunday School, chaired a youth pastor selection committee, taught various classes, and, while serving as an elder, helped lead the establishment of a new church in the South Lake Union neighborhood. Doug has his BA in English Literature from Seattle Pacific University and an MBA from the University of Washington. He is currently part of the senior leadership team at the financial services COOP BECU.

Zach Miller began attending Epiphany with his wife, Bethany, and children Eddie (18), Lydia (15), and Rhett in 2014 after moving to Seattle from Phoenix. Zach was received into the Episcopal Church in 2009 in Arizona. He is involved with EMG2 (Epiphany Men’s Group #2) and serves as a Eucharistic Minister and occasionally as an usher with his son Rhett. Along with his son Eddie, Zach also volunteers his time teaching ski lessons with Outdoor for All, a local non-profit whose mission is to enrich the quality of life for children and adults with disability through outdoor recreation.  During the week, Zach works as the Director of Enterprise Sales for the Seattle tech start-up Highspot, and he has many years of experience in the software and technology businesses.

After returning to Seattle from the Boston area, Julie Moberly first attended Epiphany in 2012; she was received here at Easter four years later. She has served the parish as a lector, cake baker, quilter, and knitter. Along with hospitality, one of her favorite activities is sharing the Saint John’s Bible with others. Julie is the owner of Jules Boutique on Madrona’s Main Street, and you can find her there most days surrounded by beautiful dresses, coats, shoes, and other finery for women. She is the mother of two adult children: Peter, 26, and Madeleine, 28. Madeleine and her husband are expecting their first child on St. Patrick’s Day. When she isn’t minding the store, Julie loves cooking, reading, travel, and any kind of needlework.


Epiphany is blessed to have talented professionals that help support the staff. They are appointed by the Rector.


Ed Emerson is a lifelong Episcopalian who grew up in California. He and his wife Nancy joined Epiphany in the mid-1970s when they moved to Seattle. Ed has had many roles, including acolyte master, Sunday School teacher, and a member of the search and on-boarding committees when the Rev. Kate Wesch was hired. He also served as an Epiphany Parish “owner representative” for the construction associated with the Epiphany Early Learning Preschool and, more recently, with the 100-Year restoration project. Ed has been on the Epiphany Vestry three times: 1986–1989, 1998–2001, and 2010–2013, serving as both Junior and Senior Warden in his last term. Ed is a graduate of Cal State University–Northridge and has recently retired after nearly 30 years as an administrator in both health care and social service. He and Nancy are very involved grandparents, with grandchildren in Mill Creek and in Vero Beach, Florida. They also enjoy traveling together.


Douglas Oles (Parish Chancellor) chairs the Diocesan Committee on Constitution & Canons and is a Lay Deputy to General Convention. He practices law with a concentration in contracts (e.g., construction, real estate), and he helped write “Cities of the Classical World”, a gazetteer of ancient cities. His wife Alida grew up in China and runs a business that plans customized tours of that country, and his daughters are in high school at Seattle Prep.



Pete Melin is a cradle Episcopalian and has attended Epiphany since 2008 with his wife Chantal. They have three grown kids, Paul, Steven, and Sophie. Pete’s folks, Jan and Joel, have been at Epiphany since 1978. Pete is a former Vestry member, and has been involved with acolytes and Sunday School. He currently ushers, is a men’s shelter host, serves on the Legacy Society committee, and is a member of a men’s group. Pete served 24 years in the Navy, worked later for NATO and Amazon, and is currently with Metro Transit and responsible for moving the agency towards zero-emission buses. He bikes to work daily, rode his bicycle to Boston in 2014, and is constantly planning new adventures. Pete particularly enjoys the music, liturgy, sermons, and general message from the clergy and guest homilists. He is a big fan of the annual men’s retreat.