Why We Sing: The Universal Language: Oct 1-Nov 5

Why We Sing: The Universal Language | Thursdays | October 1 to November 5 | 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Emily Herivel

Course One of Three!

Tuition (six-week course): $225

Register Here: https://www.epiphanymusicacademy.org/class-registration-form

In this six-week course we will examine the phenomenon of singing and how it occurs in every human culture. Students will hear and analyze both current and historical examples of vocal music from around the world, and attempt to answer the question, “To what extent is singing a universal expression of human emotion?” From popular love songs to traditional funeral chants, this survey course explores the ways in which we use our voices to tap into our deepest feelings. Weekly topics include Love, Grief, Joy, Anger, and Absurdity.

1. Singing: The Human Language

2. Love – Ecstasy and Agony

3. Grief – Wailing Voices

4. Joy – The Lightness of Being

5. Anger – Songs that Rage

6. Absurdity – Nonsense, or Existentialism?