Zoom Book Study: Brian McLaren

Wednesdays | September 30, October 7, 14, 21 & 28 | On Zoom
Doyt Conn

Doyt has chosen Brian McLaren’s book Finding Our Way Again; The Return of the Ancient Practices for us to read together this fall. McLaren was inspired to think about the Christian spiritual exercises by an observation made by a speaker at a conference he was facilitating: “I think Buddhism presents itself as a way of life, while Christianity  presents itself as a system of beliefs.” Christianity, as taught at Epiphany, is a lifestyle. We understand that it is the doing that changes us. Working out works to shape us, whether it be physically, mentally and spiritually.  Epiphany is a gym for the human spirit. Join Doyt in reading and then talking about this book. Much of it may be familiar to you, some of it won’t be, but the goal of reading it is to keep us all mindful together that practicing the spiritual exercises equips us to be agents of love and  grace in the world… and now, that is more important than ever before. Email Doyt at dconn@epiphanyseattle.org for the Zoom link.